TEDxAdelaide is an independently organised TED event where ideas trump everything. TED talks are based around any idea worth spreading. So it’s all about sharing ideas and sparking deep discussion in the Adelaide community. The 2017 TEDxAdelaide conference is set to take place in November this year, where speakers are invited to talk for 13 minutes or less.

On this week’s Wavelength Jovanna had the opportunity to speak with TEDx licensee and Creative Director Robin Freeth and MC Matthew Wright-Simon, about the up and coming conference and the benefits TEDx has for the Adelaide community. For more information on the conference and how to get involved have a listen below.

TEDxAdelaide are currently on the look out for speakers across a range of demographics, disciplines and lived experiences to join this years conference. There are no rules or requirements to talk! So if you have an idea you’re passionate about and you’d love to share, check out their website to apply.

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