You may have heard of the Australian Marriage Law Survey. It’s been in the news here and there lately.

Nah, that was a joke – but this whole postal vote is definitely not. Everyone and their dog is voicing their opinion on Marriage Equality, and everyone else and their dogs are voicing their opinion about those voicing their opinions. However, even though this is the most dominant debate Australia is having right now, there’s still an alarming amount of misinformation and confusion about the actual survey itself. Is this a plebiscite or not? Should we or should we not take a photo of our vote? What happens once the votes are counted? Bridget answers all of these questions and more in her story – have a listen:

One of the biggest questions around the Marriage Equality debate is: what’s actually at stake here? What will change if we return a ‘yes’ result, and what will change if it’s a resounding ‘no’? To answer that question, Bridget spoke to a member of the Catholic Church who’s voting ‘no’, and Alex Greenwich – who’s leading the Marriage Equality campaign across Australia – while he was in town for the Marriage Equality rally.

Our discussion around Marriage Equality didn’t stop there, though. This debate has affected Wavelength’s host, Zane, in a pretty personal way, and he aired some of his conflicted feelings around the whole postal vote off of the back of the story. You can watch his speech below:

Now, Fresh 92.7 doesn’t usually get involved in politics – but, for us, this isn’t a political issue. It’s a human rights one. We have volunteers, staff, artists we play, and members of the community we look after who are in same-sex relationships, and we fully support them!

It’s super important that young people make their voices heard in this postal vote. Please vote, and encourage your friends and family to vote so that whatever decision gets made, it’s one that reflects what young people want.