March Madness may be over, but it doesn’t mean Adelaide’s not still kicking! Tonight on Wavelength, we talk to a few local bars and clubs about the Adelaide CBD’s West End redevelopments. We also look back on the historic first year of the Women’s AFL, and talk to a few people who love the thrill of storm chasing!

The West End of the Adelaide CBD has seen some massive improvements in the last year. One just has to walk down the cobbled side streets and alleyways to uncover some of Adelaide’s new and distinctive bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes, with more to come. The West End Associaton, Fat Controller and Pink Moon Saloon spoke to Jovanna about the developments and what we can expect to see by the end of the year.

Photo: Weekend Notes


History was made this year with the introduction of the Women’s Australian Football League (AFLW), the first professional competition for female footballers. The season wrapped up with a close game by the Adelaide Crows and the Brisbane Lions, with Adelaide securing the premiership 35-29. Maddie and Callum take a look back at the momentous first year of the AFLW.

Photo: Adelaide Football League


While some of us like to curl up on the couch to a warm mug of hot chocolate during a storm, there are others who pursue the natural phenomenon. Whether it is curiosity, adventure, thrill or science, the extremity of the weather is enough to get some people out the door and towards the chaos. Believe it or not, Adelaide has its very own chasers! Laura spoke to a few about why they do it.

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