This week on Wavelength, we looked into the hot topic of marriage equality, caught up with some of the fresh new breed of young politicians, examined the challenges facing community television in Australia, and put bloggers in the spotlight.

In our first story, Jemma wanted to find out what you guys think about the issue of marriage equality. It’s a topic that has dominated headlines in recent months, and even spawned a global Facebook campaign, so we hit the streets of Adelaide to see where local people stand on the issue.

Next up, we looked at the new wave of young politicians who are working to change their communities for the better. When you mention politicians, the image that comes to mind for most people is a room full of old men trading insults and debating legislation. We wanted to challenge that perception, and we found plenty of exciting young people who are changing the face of politics in SA.

As Fresh927 listeners, you all know the value of community radio, but did you know that many people rely on community television for the content they love to watch? Recently, community television has come under threat of extinction as the Federal Government looks to cancel current licences. Vicki caught up with some of the volunteers who produce community TV content to discuss the hurdles they now face.

And finally, we take a deeper look at blogging. Over the years, blogging has changed from a niche platform for personal stories to become a massive industry which can bring in big dollars for young entrepreneurs. Abbey learns more about how businesses use bloggers to promote their products, and how these relationships can provide a great source of income for the bloggers themselves.