It’s our 100th Wavelength episode, a huge milestone for us here at Fresh! Tonight, we chat to Executive Producers Zane Dean and Karyn Bloxham, as well as General Manager Troy Sincock, about Wavelength’s inception and how it’s gotten to where it is today.

Just one year after it started, Wavelength was the winner of the CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) Award for Excellence in Spoken Word, News and Current Affairs Programming and the SACBA Award for Best Interview in 2015.

“We were deemed the best community radio show in the country. That was absolutely huge,” executive producer Zane says.

So what’s it like being a member of the Wavelength team?

Shannon is a frequent storyteller on the program. She believes that Wavelength “really gives you an opportunity to hone in on your skills, whether it’s editing, voicing, researching [or] organising interviews.”

To hear what a couple of other volunteers think about working on the Wavelength program, as well as more from Zane, Karyn and Troy, listen to the full story below.

It’s come a long way since it’s inception, but it’s certainly kept its focus in tact – as Troy puts it, “the idea was to provide an avenue for storytelling, showcasing the unique stories that come from Adelaide. Or that are filtered through the Adelaide experience.”

Wavelength will continue to deliver local stories to the people of Adelaide. But, as the big boss says, “Wavelength could become whatever it wants to become.”

Tonight’s show will also have short 2-3 minute highlights of different team members’ favourite stories. To listen to them in full, click on them below.

Anthony Cox: Retrenchments

Anthony Dodd: Playback 808

Jovanna Pantelic: Adelaide Fashion Week

Laura O’Callaghan: Dating Apps

Matt Bridges: Schnitzels

Shannon Chamberlain: Sir Douglas Nicholls Round

Zane Dean: Transgender

If you’re jumping out of your seat wondering how to volunteer with us here at Fresh, simply click here for more information. We’re always looking for volunteers, whether it’s for the street team, producing, news readers and more!