This week on Wavelength, we took a look at what you can do to prevent Skin Cancer, seeing as we’re finally getting some good weather. We also look at the guys behind YEWTH Mag and the changes happening in the East End.

National Skin Cancer Action Week starts on November 20th. Matt payed a visit to the Cancer Council SA to learn all about it, visited Dermatologist, Dr Emma Ryan, to see how we can minimise our risk of skin cancer for the summer months, and replays an important interview Anita did earlier in the year.

In a time where print publlications are shutting down left and right, YEWTH mag are doing some amazing things, creating a grassroots, printed publication completely off their own backs. If you’d like to find out more about the publication or suss their upcoming events, then head to their website.

Also, if you’d like to support the publication, then be sure to head to their crowd funding page – you’ll get some awesome gear for helping them out!

Photo: Fresh 92.7

There have been major improvements and redevelopments to the East End of Adelaide CBD– where new and exciting: bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants have popped up. So, Jovanna Interviewed the East End Group, Hacienda and Distill about the redevelopments and what we can expect to see this summer on the East End.

If you’re interested in coming along to the next East End Adelaide Precinct Meeting and finding out more, head here!

Photo: East End Adelaide / Facebook

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