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Born in Melbourne, Dirty Harry grew up with a keen ear and recognition of good music when he heard it. His dad thought that it was a good idea for all his boys to learn an instrument so Dirty Harry was given a guitar and lessons. The first time he heard dance music was at the impressionable age of fifteen when his older brother started playing it in the car. Dirty Harry was hooked and his first instrument, the guitar, slowly drifted into obscurity. Dirty Harry started spending all his money buying records and it rapidly grew to a large collection. Due to the financial drain he thought that he could make some money by djing. At eighteen he started playing at Base nightclub on Hindly St. With residencies at Soda Room, Dreamers and the internationally renowned Synagogue Dirty Harry became one of adelaids favorite Dj’s. In 1998 he strayed from the norm and began playing what is now known as Breaks, and has been hosting his own show of the same title on Fresh since 2005.

Tune in to the Breaks every Wednesday from 10.00 til 12.00am.

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