ICYMI, it’s Fresh 92.7‘s 20th birthday this year. Yep, the big two-zero, the double decade, our roaring twenties. And if you haven’t put two and two together yet, which I’m pretty sure ALSO makes twenty (or is that 9 plus 10? wait… no…) we’re spending the entire year celebrating! It’s just science. So, without further ado, meet The Windback Cash Grab.

For this one, our listeners get to reap the rewards thanks to Police Credit Union. Starting Monday 14 May, there’ll be $200 up for grabs each weekday, for 2 weeks. We didn’t make it to 20 without some absolute tunes fuelling us the whole way along, though, so here’s how it’s all gonna work. Mathematically.

Every morning in Breakfast, Loz & Thomo will play you a snippet of 3 tracks from sometime in the last 20 years of Fresh. If you can guess each artist’s name and track title correctly, you’ll score 200 bucks. If you can’t, you get nothing and may you RIP, but that 200 bucks jackpots onto tomorrow’s 200 bucks, giving someone else the chance to score 400. See how it works?

As soon as someone wins the jackpot, we reset to $200 for the next day, so there’s always a minimum of $200 to be won each day. So that’s either 10 people going home $200 richer, or a few VERY lucky ballers. Wow, haven’t our twenties made us so wise and generous, and also really good at numbers?

Tune into Brekky with Loz & Thomo and call 1300 7 FRESH when prompted to play and unlock the cash! (For the n00bs out there, that’s 1300 737 374).

Good luck!

The Windback Cash Grab
is sponsored by Police Credit Union
Facebook: @PoliceCreditUnion
Instagram: @policecreditunion