Trapped – a collaboration between Fresh 92.7 and headspace Adelaide to get the city talking and to help tear down ‘The Big Stigma’ – will easily take the cake as the most intense and ridiculous thing Ben and Liam have ever done and probably will ever do. There were laughs, tears, some sneaky, underhanded antics, and a lot of ‘Sandstorm’.

From 9am Monday June 20 until Friday, June 24, the boys had to live in the glass box between the studio wall and the outside windows… for five days. Almost everything was taken away from them: no phones, no contact with the outside world unless we let them, they couldn’t even go to the toilet freely. It’s safe to say the experience kind of took its toll on the boys.

Below, check out a recap of each day Ben and Liam spent in the glass box. Of course, it’s worth remembering why we did Trapped: the boys put themselves in a situation where they’re alone and vulnerable, unable to escape or exercise control over their circumstances. That isolation, vulnerability and powerlessness is what it’s like for the 1 in 4 of us who experience mental health issues, but the big stigma around mental health means not everyone gets the support they need – often because they’re too embarrassed or ashamed to seek help. The more we talk about mental health, the more we demolish the stigma around mental health, and the more young people going through mental health issues can see that they’re not alone! headspace Adelaide have put a super helpful website together explaining more about #thebigstigma.

Day 1

As Ben and Liam got used to their new home, they started to understand just how difficult this was going to be. Their first ‘Yard Time’ workout led to someone vomiting in the glass box, and their first daily challenge left one of the boys eating some horrendous food out of a can.

Day 1 in the glass box got pretty real. One of us chucked, another one of us had to eat baby clams, and there’s still over 80 hours to go… #trapped927

Posted by Ben and Liam on Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 2

Ben and Liam’s second day in the box saw their spirits start to dampen a little, as they felt the pain from two straight days of working out muscles they haven’t touched in years, and they also felt wrath of ‘Upstairs’ for sneaking out at night.

All the action from day two. Ben and I are really coming together in our hatred for upstairs #Trapped927

Posted by Ben and Liam on Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 3

As Ben and Liam crossed the halfway point, it started to affect them a little bit. We didn’t help when we forced them to feel a bunch of gross stuff for a blindfold test. Some cracks started to show in their relationship, but thankfully the counsellors from headspace Adelaide helped talk the boys through where they were at.

We’re half way through but there’s still a long way to go #Trapped927

Posted by Ben and Liam on Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 4

Day 4 is where things got real weird. Ben and Liam’s relationship started to crumble under the pressure of the glass box, as one royally threw the other under the bus when we interrogated them about some smuggled-in food. The pressure was raised when we forced the boys through an endurance test: to listen to a loop of ‘Sandstorm’ for 3 hours that never drops.

Backstabbing, lies and deceit, day four definitely gets interesting. Tonight after 104 hours we leave the glass box once and for all. #Trapped927

Posted by Ben and Liam on Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 5

After what felt like an eternity, Ben and Liam were freed from their glass prison and drove off into the sunset. Catch the live broadcast of that moment here!

Ben and Liam are being freed from the glass box after five days! #trapped927

Posted by Fresh 92.7 on Friday, 24 June 2016

A huge thank you needs to go out to everyone who followed this journey with Ben and Liam and took part, the volunteers of Fresh 92.7 that made this possible and our sponsors as well!

Print Trapped wouldn’t be possible without the help of headspace Adelaide, providing mental health support to young people aged 12 to 25.
Also, a massive thank you to the sponsors who’ve come on board to help Ben and Liam throughout their experience!
Safety Hub Thumbnail Safety Hub, who are providing safety gear!
Layout 1 Snowy’s, who are providing camping gear!
Drakes Foodland wide v2 Drakes Supermarkets, who are providing food and drink for the boys!
Goodlife Thumbnail Goodlife Health Clubs, who are keeping the boys active every day!
Untitled-2 Chemform, who are providing some much needed air fresheners, hand sanitiser and glass cleaner.
Novatech Thumbnail Novatech, who are providing cameras with which we can keep an eye on the boys 24/7!
Palace Nova Thumbnail Palace Nova Cinemas, who are keeping the boys confined while their training takes place!