Look at your calendar… what are you doing on the 14th of January 2018? If you answered anything other than “listening to Fresh 92.7’s Top 92 of 2017, of course” you’re wrong, and you should be changing those plans right now.

That’s right, The Top 92 is back thanks to Wallis Cinemas and The Alma, and this year we’ve got $2,000 to give away to one of you just for voting! On Sunday January 14, we’ll be counting down the years best electronic tracks all the way from number 92, right here on air. That’s 92.7 on your FM radio if you, uh, needed a reminder, but ALSO we have a new and functioning app now, so you can also listen anywhere you can get internet.

OR, for an additional THIRD option, you can join the massive party we’re throwing to countdown the top 30 tunes LIVE at The Alma from 1pm that day. Yep, it’s free, there’ll be heaps of drink specials and prizes up for grabs, and, if it’s anything like our previous shindigs, it’s gonna go absolutely off.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: another yearly countdown, how original. But, hear us out. The Top 92 is a cult classic, especially for your favourite electronic tracks, and it’s 100% up to you – the people of Adelaide – to decide what will be joining the list of absolute bangers (including “Lean On” and “Never Be Like You“) that have made it to their respective year’s top spot.

Thanks to Made In Katana, we’ve got a brand new voting platform that’ll help you do just that. Oh, and did we mention there’s $2,000 up for grabs just for voting? What are you waiting for?


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