Our outstanding Fresh Production Course is starting up soon for it’s second last run this year so if you’re a budding producer or even just looking to touch up your skills a little, it’s time to sign up!

Starting Monday August 14th from 6pm-9pm, the five week course will help you take your production and audio editing skills to the next level in a bunch of areas like making your own tracks, remixing tracks, producing ads and other audio content as well as building up your knowledge. This is a hands-on course too, so you’ll actually get to try out all the stuff you’re learning on the best equipment.

Even better, the course is taught by the masterful Steve Hart who has spent years in the industry learning all the tricks and tools of the trade and he’s ready to show them all to you. These courses always fill up quick and spots are limited so now is the time to sign up!  Shoot through to our shop to secure your spot today.

Here’s an in-depth look at what the course covers:

Week 1:

o   Introduction to Ableton and music theory

o   Analysis of existing professional production

o   Understanding midi vs audio

o   Introduction to samplers

o   Introduction to drum and synth programming

Weeks 2 & 3:

o   Getting started making your own track

o   Creating professional sounding drums

o   Introduction to Sound Synthesis

o   Using Reverbs and Delays

o   Instrument Layering

o   Automation

Week 4:

o   Professional song arrangement

o   Referencing

o   Final processing and effects

o   Using auxiliaries and busses

o   Mix-down & Mastering Techniques

Week 5:

o   Final arrangement

o   Mastering – self mastering vs using a mastering engineer

o   Music pathway options once your production is complete


If you’re ready to get a kick-start on your production career then head over to our shop to get a spot on the course.