Alright Freshies, we need your help! Our technology needs a serious update, and we need your help to stop Fresh from crashing – that’s why we’re asking for donations to the Fresh 92.7 Level Up.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Fresh 92.7 is our commitment to Adelaide’s electronic music scene. Whenever you tune in, you’re hearing the best electronic artists this city has to offer. Some of those artists have banded together to put together a little gift as a thank you to everyone who donates! That’s why, if you donate $50 or more to the Level Up right now, you’ll score your hands on the exclusive Fresh 92.7 Level Up Mixtape.

Level Up

Each and every song on our mix tape is from a local artist, so not only will you be supporting Fresh 92.7 but also Adelaide artists in the industry. It’s pretty exclusive too, with tracks that aren’t available anywhere else! Just donate $50 or more on our GoFundMe page and it’s all yours. A $50 donation also recognises you as a Silver Level Donor at Fresh 92.7 and gives you a 12 month Fresh Mate subscription which has an entirely different set of perks too!

The mixtape includes a new, unreleased version of Krunk’s118’ featuring the local rapper 3sidez. If you’ve heard the original instrumental, you’ll definitely want to hear what 3sidez has added to the tune – it’s not out for a while yet, but you can get it as part of the Mixtape! Tigerilla’s track ‘Difference’ is an oldie but a goodie and it ain’t available anywhere else either. Just like Motez’s 2017 edit of ‘Tryna Shake It’, so if you want to get your hands on these tunes the only way is to donate and get our Mix Tape!

Hartway, MATIAH, PNK FME, Tevlo and Southpaw have all been a part of The Jump at Fresh 92.7, because with tunes as good as these how could they not be included in our Adelaide tune of the week? Oh and Southpaw is currently the host of Carousel on Sundays at 8PM on Fresh 92.7 too. Faint One and Harlow have also done residencies on The Come Up on Mondays from 7PM at Fresh 92.7.

Check out the full track list below.

Level Up Mix Tape:

1.       Lil Jon, Kronic & Onderkoffer – Bad Bitches Feat. Keno
2.      Motez – Tryna Shake It (2017 Edit)
3.      Krunk – 118 (Feat. 3sidez)
4.      Tigerilla – Difference
5.      Uberjakd – Fix You Up (Feat. Yton)
6.      Hartway – Dreaming (Feat. Lesley Williams)
7.      MATIAH – Into Your Dreams (Alêtro Remix)
8.      Luke Million – Stranger Things Theme
9.      Dimatik – Why Should I Stay (Feat. Abbey Flanagan)
10.    Faint One – Canadian Dollars (Feat. Kast)
11.    Harlow – Make Me Alive
12.    PNK FME – Creased (Feat. Eva Rundle)
13.    Tevlo – Fading (Feat. Thalia Huston)
14.    Southpaw – Mesmerised

Again, our GoFundMe page for more info, get involved and get your hands on some of the best music out of Adelaide!