Our technology needs a serious update, and we need your help.

So, here’s the deal. As you can imagine, running a radio station involves some pretty complex technological setups – from our studios, to the computers our extensive team of volunteers use to work from. We have up-and-coming announcers, producers, journalists, sound engineers, designers and more who all need a solid IT setup to do great work, develop skills and create content for the station.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have some very talented and generous volunteers over the last 20 years (some you may recognise), who’ve put in the work and sourced the equipment we’ve needed to get by on the technology front. However, Fresh has only grown as a station and a business since then, and we’ve reached a point where we can no longer rely on the technological framework we’ve got. It’s outdated, it’s tired, and there’s not enough of it to go around.

If we don’t address this now, Fresh will crash. But, as a small business and a not-for-profit, we don’t have the means to do it ourselves. So, we need your help to LEVEL UP, and put a framework in place that will last for the next 20 years or more!

You’ll be helping us restructure our IT, train our volunteers with new software, and move our Production Course. For more information, head to our GoFundMe page.

As thanks for donating, we’re offering an exclusive mixtape of local tunes from the likes of Motez, Tigerilla, Krunk and more, as well a one-off special line of merch only available through the Fresh 92.7 Level Up and access to Fresh Mate subscriptions (which come with a pretty cool new set of perks!)

Your help will allow Fresh 92.7 to set itself up for years to come – but if we don’t do it now, things will get bad, and we might not be able to keep up the good work we’re doing. Any donation will help, and even if you can’t spare the cash (it’s hard, we know) please share the link with your friends and help us spread the word!

All donations need to go through our brand new GoFundMe Page – head there and Stop Fresh Crashing!



Gold Level

Troy Sincock
Jarrad Moreton
David Block
Marcus Staker
Victoria Francis
Kate Ninnes
Danny Verrilli
Mark Edmonds
Simone Douglas
Paul Gordon
Adrian Randall
Darren Pike
Ryan Ardill
Brenda Jefferys
Brian Jefferys
Ian Pallant
Michael Nicholls
Jason Singe
Chris Smith
Yvonne Monte
Rina Patullo
Amy Bruckman
Shauna Black
Catherine Anderson
Tristan Pietsch
Danielle Rabah (Style Unicorn)
Jamie Page
Ben Taylor
Michele Browne
Jarrad Wadmore
Craig Brown
Sam Mills
Michelle Haddon
Steven Anderson
Kirenpal Sign-Samra
Damian Davis
Eric Harrop
Janice McPherson
Jojo Furnival
Scott Trendowden
Leah Kertesz
Lesley Williams
Oliver Brooker
Rachel Furrugia
Troy Freebairn
Luke Gulliver
Daniel Sobey
Nisa Tucker
Symon Wallis
Kelly Ahrens
Deborah Whittam
Darryl Francis
Benji Abbot
Paul Sheldrick
Sarah Francis
Jodie Schunselaar
Tyson O’Connell
Neil Hunwick
Tom Reddock
Glenn Sincock
Mike Hall
James McGuire
Amanda Zachat
Dan Doroga
Simon Gale
Monique Ninnes and Matt Overd
Annie Raudam
Emma Georgiadis
Duncan Astley
Thomas Gasson
Andrew Callahan
Michael Jenkins
Todd Cowie
Rebecca Bennett
David Madon
Aleshia Freeman
Jarrad Eaton
V Dubs
Matthew McGuire
Hayley Nixon
Emma Robinson
Chris Ferguson
Allan Johnston
Connor Rosekelly
Michael Dine
Ashleigh Goldsmith
Andrew Jackson
Jarrod Layla Felicity Howe
Patrick Black
Nam Nguyen
Graham Reeve
Damien McPherson
Jeremy Zimmy Zimmermann
Tamika Parker
Inez Mueller
Chris Clark
Andrew Govin
Aarron King

Silver Level

Zane Dean
Troy Kamin
Candy Di Mella
Scott Johnston
Riley Grigg
Chantal Vos
Rachel Harding
Kristy Kamin
Angela Vaughan
Gavin Burgess
Steph D’aloia
Justin Schindler
Sally Nguyen
Becky N
Alex Przugoda
Ricky-Lee Barrios
Aaron Sefrang
Mike Shannon
Anthony Viant
Jay Waghorn
Sonya Fava
Justin Tetley
Jack Manganiello
Amy Louch
Damian Sparbier
Terri Hutchings
Karen Kelsey
Keith Smith
Nicole Butler
Rachel Gunston
Julia Boundey
Cassandra Willans
Chantal Didenko
Sulien Booth-Remmers
Zac Giles
Nic Savorani
Andrew Paues MStJ
Emily Smart
Dorian Tisato
Ashley Benn
Marc Zanini
Nicole Butler
Jess Torok
Rebecca Beriman
Jason Vasilunas
Natalia Reveruzzi
Jeremy Lenthall
Douglas Baddams
Rory Hanafin
Conor Barkway
Jordan Collett
Rebekah Couche
Samantha Mooney
Craig Goldfinch
Paul Dinys
Ryan O’Daly
Ken Howard
Lochie Kendrick
Phill Millman
Eva Rundle
Luke Weatherill
Jack Holiday
Fiona Morrison
Tyler Read
Amy Heidrich
Jp Lindsay
Michael Bednall
Jason Lindsley
Brandon Mckray
Jen Wilkie
Hamish Barr
Marty Haros
Hayden Kirkwood
Serina Casey
Cassandra Liebeknecht
Charlotte Paulson
Dorota Grajczyk
Joe Tassone
Ben Rushton
Jamie Burgemeister
Steve Mills
Rob Mieglich
Monika D
Sally Crowe
Leanne Williams
Jordan Bridge
Shane Linke
Ann DeAraugo
Matt Teags
Alex MG
Tyler Abram
Vanessa Moran
Zac G
Justin Schindler
Krista Fox
Lisa Mitchell
Lindy McKinley
Richard Lam
Leanne J
Grant Carr
Jeremy Walker
Brad Haupt
Daniel Bigolin
Jayne Roberts
Stephen Rodda
Ejay Ling
Craig Wood
Andrew Poole
Darren Durward
Daniel Piscioneri
Craig Flavel
Bel Hunt
Samuel Steer
Peter Papas
Luke Burnard
Bronwyn Haynes
Kylie Bennetts
Kerrie Nibbs
Yolanda Sulser
Tom Williams
Alice Szuster
Smurf Tee
Caroline Tucker
Luke Brockhurst

Bronze Level

Justin Centofanti
Andrea Hogg
Anne Stasinowsky
Vicki Griffin
Lauren Davey
Pia Young
Bryan Ward
Bianco Chlo
Aaron Reval
Matthew Henry
Lewie Manny
Adam Smith
Sophie Kitchen
Reece Jongenelis
Caitlin Feagan
Jovanna Pantelic
Nisa Tucker
Chelcie Smith
Steven Mahoney
Braden Altus
Ben Harvey
Sarah Sandland
Luke Skilton
Daid Lane
Nick Cosma
Lauren Civetta
Jason Jasper
Marcelle McEwan
Jack Jericho
Mariel Hobbs
Luka Boundy
Lee Hopper
Paul Patiniott
Ashley Viney
Imogen Simmons
Darius Jones
Ryder Tatarelli
Jessica Smith
Andrew Herbut
Mick Reavey
Jemma Kitto