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Listen Live – Thanks to Adam Internet

image003We like it that you listen, it really means a lot.. And with live streaming of Fresh over the net you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from getting your daily dose of Fresh. Now with new digital streaming, it means that listening to Fresh will be clearer, sound better and not chew up as much of your precious bandwith! So you’ll have more time to surf Facebook & any other those other sites you might visit *cough* *cough*! Click on the icon below that matches your personal listening choices…

Highest Quality, this one is the bee’s knees. Click on the AAC+ stream if you’ve got a good internet connection and are using the latest audio players like Microsoft Windows Media Player v12, Winamp or VLC Media Player. Geek Stuff: Stream is AAC+ @64kbps

High Quality, the most popular choice. Click on MP3 if you’ve got a fast internet connection. This one should work with pretty much any media player installed on your computer, and is the best option if the AAC+ one doesn’t work. Geek Stuff: Stream is MP3 @128kbps

Low Quality, kind of like listening on a gramophone. Click on the lower AAC+ stream if you’re still living with dial up internet! Geek Stuff: Stream is AAC+ @32kbps

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