Troy Sincock

About Troy Sincock

General Manager

Troy was appointed Fresh 92.7’s General Manager in September 2011. The station was awarded a Fast Movers 2016 Award and acknowledged as one of SA’s Top 25 small businesses – the only not-for-profit included and the only media/music organisation on the list.

Troy has a long history with Fresh 92.7, having been a Member since the station’s inception in 1998.

Troy has extensive, well-rounded knowledge of the radio landscape, having worked in the industry for 20 years in a variety of roles. He was the Assistant Program Director at Nova 91.9 from 2007 to 2011, and has also worked in content as a both a music and talk-back presenter, as well as a breakfast show producer.

Across his career he has been employed by all three major Australian commercial radio networks – Nova, SCA and ARN. Troy chairs the Music Industry Council (MIC) which presents a vision and voice for the South Australian Music Industry to stakeholders, including government agencies, creating opportunities for the on-going development of the Industry.

As well as regularly contributing to Arts SA’s Contemporary Music Grants assessment panel, Troy has been working as a DJ for 20 years. He currently sits on the CBAA’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and has worked as a volunteer and staff member in the community radio sector for 23 years.

He established one of the first electronic music programs on Adelaide radio in 1992 at Coast FM.

Troy lives and breathes the Fresh 92.7 brand. He is a passionate advocate for the radio medium and Fresh 92.7’s role in leading the success of the sector whilst positively impacting youth culture in Adelaide.