Ryan Burgess

About Ryan Burgess

Content Director

An established name in Adelaide, ‘Burgo’ has worked in radio for 10 years including SAFM (Michael, Hayley & Burgo), Mix 102.3 and Fox in Melbourne. He’s since stepped away from the microphone to learn his craft in Content and joins us directly from his Content Director role at Radio Aire in Leeds, UK.

Clearly the man likes to travel and Burgo reckons it’s ‘the only thing money can buy to make you a better person’.  His hobbies include eating and traveling. And eating while traveling. Burgo’s travel hasn’t always been smooth sailing (so to speak). He survived a gondola capsize in Venice and managed to save his phone. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse Burgo survived a hot air balloon crash and saved his phone then too! Possibly more impressive than surviving the crashes Burgo survived a whole British winter wearing just Havaianas - without getting frost bite!

Ryan is ecstatic to be returning home and joining the Fresh 92.7 team, “I’ve got heaps of passion for youth culture and Adelaide, plus knowledge of youth culture and Adelaide and I’m really excited about what we can do with the brand and the flagship shows. By the way, if you can't find me in the office, I'll be at Zambreros, ETC, Eros, Taj Tandoor or San Churro! I propose all meetings at one of those places!”

email:   ryan.burgess@fresh927.com.au