Cameron Doyle

About Cameron Doyle

Breakfast Show Host

Self-proclaimed “creative genius” and “viral vlogger” Cam is used to getting up early – you can find him out instagramming sunrise shots just because (hashtag no filter). The former Fresh volunteer is just like a Labrador puppy – energetic, excitable and constantly making little noises (and he might even chew your favourite shoes if you’re not looking).

With a resume as far-reaching as his wardrobe of party shirts (watch out Ryley), it’s likely you’ve run into Cam somewhere around Adelaide. Whether he’s behind the decks, camera or microphone, the kid just can’t get enough of unleashing his creative side anywhere, anytime.  His mouth works too quickly for his brain sometimes, like the time he accidentally referred to his mum as “fast and loose” on air (sorry again, Lisa).

Cam also thinks it’s important that you know he has two uni degrees, which works out to be exactly 1.5 more than Alex.