Along with NYC DJ and Producer Exacta, Bill Fragos is responsible for one of the world’s leading new release house music programmes: SoulGood.

SoulGood features and promotes the latest and exclusive house tracks from around the world. Almost all of the music featured on SoulGood is provided direct from producers, DJs and labels prior to release, giving SoulGood a definite leading edge. Bill Fragos also features his weekly “SoulGood Selection”; a track that distinguishes itself of dancefloors around the world.

Every week on SoulGood a guest is featured, with the focus being a 60 minute mix encapsulating that DJs sound, often supplemented with an interview with the DJ giving insight into their perspective of house music and their career. SoulGood’s guest list reads like a roll call of the best house music DJs of all time, supplemented by talented up and comers.

SoulGood also includes the contributions of Exacta every week with the segment “The New York Minute” and the “Final Fifteen”, giving SoulGood a distinctive international and forward thinking perspective. Much of the success of SoulGood and likewise Bill Fragos stems from the music’s point of difference and the way it which it is presented and delivered.

SoulGood: Every Wednesday Night at 10pm on Fresh 92.7.