Our resident Breakfast cupids, Cam and Alex, have found a young, single, Adelaide guy looking for love. Slowly, we’re going to introduce him to the single ladies of Adelaide, and one lucky lady is going to score a date with the Fresh Fella.

The thing is, you won’t know what he looks like. 

With his appearance shrouded in mystery, you’ll have to get to know him based purely off of what we find out about him on the radio. Each morning, Cam and Alex will uncover stories about previous relationships, get his mates to rag on him, get his deepest darkest secrets from his family, and heaps more! Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

And here’s what happened when we gave a little sneak peek to Joel Creasey:


Stay tuned to learn more details about our Fresh Fella with Cam and Alex every morning from 8 on Fresh 92.7.