All the team at Fresh were very sad to hear about the passing away this week of one of dance music’s most legendary figures Guru Josh (real name Paul Walden). The Jersey born producer who made his name in the early UK Rave scene with seminal hit ‘Infinity‘ passed away in dance music’s spiritual home Ibiza aged 51.

Walden came from Jersey but spent his early years in London and the US working as a band musician and booking agent. After first producing more traditional band driven Rock with his group Joshua Cries Wolf in the 80’s he found his way into the dance fueled, hedonistic world of Acid House and Rave and Guru Josh was born.

He was soon producing under the pseudonym and when he laid down those now classic hooks with the saxophone player from his original band and eventually molded it into the track we now know as Inifinity  then dance music history was made. The track was initially slow to take off but he managed to peak the interest of Mike Pickering, arguably the most important and influential DJ in the UK (if not the World) at that time being the resident taste maker at Manchester’s infamous Hacienda. Soon he was on TV screens across the UK performing live and leading the way for other Rave acts including The Prodigy, The Shamen and Altern-8.

After his initial success he continued to produce, DJ and live the life of a true hedonist moving between other projects including music and inventing, patenting new ideas and enjoying the lifestyle you’d expect of an Ibiza and Rave legend.

At the time of writing it is unclear what the cause of death was but whatever the circumstances his productions and status as a don of the dance scene will remain forever.