We launched the Fresh 5000 at the start of the year, with the ambition of gaining 5000 Fresh Mates. Fresh Mates help us provide the greatest opportunities we can create for Adelaide’s youth and electronic music communities, and you can now sign up your business as a Fresh WorkMate to support what we do!

The Fresh 5000 has taken a long and winding road, with Liam most recently attempting the ‘Fresh Hi-5000‘ – an overwhelmingly ambitious undertaking to Hi Five every Fresh Mate as a way of saying thanks. He got a few under his belt when Costa from Police Credit Union called the Breakfast show with a great idea: he was willing to sign up all 140 employees of Police Credit Union as Fresh WorkMates. Have a look at Costa and the Police Credit Union staff redeeming their hectic amount of Hi-Fives:

In doing this, Police Credit Union have made a huge difference in helping us support Adelaide’s youth and electronic music communities. They’ve helped us to play the best local, Australian and international electronic music we can find. They’ve helped us to buy and maintain the studio gear we need to broadcast that music across across Adelaide. They’ve helped us pay the bills and keep the lights on (it’s a bit hard to read requests in the dark!) They’ve helped us to get Ben and Liam out of bed so that they can get you to work, and you’re helping us pull Ryley away from whatever insane trail run he’s on to get you home. They’re not the only ones either – we’ve thanked all the businesses who’ve signed up as Fresh WorkMates at the bottom of the page!

The opportunities we provide for Adelaide’s youth aren’t easy to pull off. Whether it’s training them up to become journalists, producers, announcers, DJs, audio engineers and more, or supporting their musical careers through airplay, and the Contemporary Music Program, we need the help of businesses like Police Credit Union, and yours, to ensure we can keep providing these opportunities well into the future.

If you’re interested in signing your business up as a Fresh WorkMate, fill out the form below and we’ll call you to talk it through!

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A massive thanks to our current Fresh WorkMates:

pcu Police Credit Union, the first WorkMates who signed up 140 staff members!
pernod_ricard_logo Pernod Ricard, who’ve signed up 12 staff members!
sk-designs-logo SK Designs, who’ve signed up 2 staff members!
offgrid-copy Off Grid Energy Australia, who’ve signed up 5 staff members!
epilepsy_logo2 And a special mention to The Epilepsy Centre, who’ve undertaken the massive task of ringing our former Fresh Mates – so if you’ve been a Fresh Mate at all in the past, expect a phonecall!