5 minutes is about the average length of a single track from most producers, but Madeon has shown us that you can do a whole lot more in that time frame. Instead, he has casually mixed about two dozen diverse tracks into a single 5 minute Mini Mix for Radio 1 legend Annie Mac. Oh, and he thought it would be nice to do that live, which is practically unheard of in Mini Mix history. Nobody likes a show-off, but we’re making an exception here for this supremely talented French teen. Aside from the usual decks and mixers, Madeon brought not 1 but 2 Launchpads to the party; demonstrating some incredible dexterity along with his undeniable musical talent.

In just 5 minutes, you’ll get to hear everything from Baskerville, Stardust and RL Grime, through to Daft Punk, Beastie Boys and Madeon himself. “Tight” doesn’t even begin to cover this mix, which somehow manages to transition smoothly from second to second in a way that shouldn’t be possible with this range of material. It’s not hard to see why Madeon’s Launchpad mixing videos are as popular as his album tracks. There is a lot of talent packed into a handful of minutes here, so take the time to see a teenage prodigy at work. Sure, he looks about 10 years old, but this is some properly mature production. Sensational stuff.