You’ve heard him on Breakfast throughout the last week or so… and, he’s here to stay! Cameron Doyle is officially joining Alex Lokan for Fresh 92.7’s Breakfast show: Cam and Alex.

Cam’s been part of the station behind the scenes for a while now. He’s a video whiz who’s been responsible for heaps of the outstanding videos we’ve put on Facebook over the last year or two! You can see him in action for yourself – in fact, you probably did when he took over South Road with Ryley to play tennis while the road was infamously closed a couple of weeks ago:

He’s a creative, driven dude who’s also kind of a weirdo, and he’s the perfect fit for Alex, our quick-witted, human tower of terror. They’ve got a good chemistry together, both of them can tell a wicked story, and we feel pretty good about what these guys are going to achieve this year.

Dally Nijjar, who was hosting Breakfast alongside Alex earlier this year, has decided to step away and return home to country South Australia.

You’ll hear Cam and Alex every morning, 6-9am on Fresh 92.7.