The up-and-coming Adelaide act who’ve been chosen to spend some major time alongside Luke Million and Oisima writing songs and honing their craft got a nice little phonecall from our Breakfast team this morning! Hartway were the successful applicants for the Producer’s Series: Songwriter’s Edition. Hear Connor, one half of the duo, react to the news:

Hartway, comprised of Connor and Jack, are a young house duo who officially joined forces last year. Both aged in their 20s, they bring a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music, incorporating live saxophone and keys into what they do. They’ve been writing original music for two years, and independently released a tune last year that got a bit of love last year. Listen to ‘How It Happens’ below.

Luke Million and Oisima, two musicians at the top of their game, chose Hartway as the perfect fit for the Producer’s Series. Both musicians felt Hartway’s sound complemented their styles well, and the emerging duo showed enormous promise.

Hartway, Luke Million and Oisima will be spending their time in the brand new ‘SongSpaces‘ at St. Paul’s Creative Centre: purpose-built songwriting rooms with a full editing suite and recording equipment, and ample space for you and your mentors to get as creative as you want. They’ll enter the SongSpaces next week, and we’ll hear the results of the project before too long!