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Global Trance Radio is Australia’s longest running, most popular and biggest Trance Radio Show in Australia. Starting on Fresh 92.7 in 2005 with hosts Brett James and DJ Inferno, they introduced new, quality and different sounds of Trance to the airwaves of Adelaide.

Today its hosts DJ Contagious [starting in episode #110] and Shane Cross [#270] are easily considered as two of the most passionate and popular trance DJ’s the Adelaide scene has to offer.

Contagious has been DJ’ing and playing Trance and Progressive since 2004 when he was only 16 and still continues to always push quality productions. He is well known for his well educated sets, energetic live performances and great sense of humour and energy on air.

Shane Cross is undoubtedly one of South Australia’s most unique DJs and quickly becoming one of Australia’s most talked about producers. Standing proud as an ambassador for South Australian Electronic Music at such a young age, Shane has delivered hit after hit, including “Reality” (Vital25 Top 10, #10 in the Fresh 92.7 Top 92 of 2009, including a remix from international superstar MaRLo and supported worldwide), “Outback Dawn” (#18 in the Fresh 92.7 Top 92 of 2010) and “Fires In The Sky” featuring the vocals of South Australia’s own Daniel Haas, and most recently “Absolution” (#21 in the Fresh 92.7 Top 92 of 2012).

Global Trance is broadcasted live every Friday from 10pm, where Contagious and Shane mix live in the Fresh 92.7 studios. As well as offering amazing music, the boys also have fun talking on air, having a laugh or two.

GT has also hosted many International guest DJ’s, all performing live on-air with a live to air interview. Some artists include, Tenishia, Matt Darey, Rank 1, Activa, Sander Van Dien (First State), Cosmic Gate, Emma Hewitt, Mike Nichol, Jochen Miller, Scott Bond, Robert Nickson, Perry O’Neil, Terry Ferminal, Ahmet, Mark Norman, Tydi, Kyau & Albert, and many more.

We believe it is vitally important to record the show live, bringing the music as it comes; delivering the emotions and feel you can only get with live sets. The interviews are fresh and non-scripted to provide listeners with a genuine and fun experience.

Global Trance continues to push music with emotional integrity, whether its brand new tracks or the amazing classic influential tracks that never cease to get old. You can catch all the fun and trancey goodness each and every Friday, right here on Fresh 92.7!


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