How many ways are there to solve a Rubik’s Cube?


However many ways you counted – add one more to it. Curious? You’ll find out in this show.

This deceptively-titled display of vertically-challenging, mind-bending, gravity-defying acrobatics is anything but simple. Showcasing seven of South Australia’s most talented young performers, (as well as one incredible drummer), this show transcended all the expectations I initially had upon entering the “Menagerie” tent (which were high mind you, considering this show has not received anything but 5 star reviews).

The extraordinary tricks, tumbles, leaps, throws and jumps made the audience forget, for just that split second, that every single amazing thing unfolding in front of their eyes was is in fact, being undertaken by a human being!

Much of the show focused on heads – whether it was having their heads used as stepping stones by their fellow team mates, or experiencing a rush of blood to the head with their countless handstands, headstands, and head spins, this dizzying array of established athleticism had the audience in constant awe.

But the appeal of this show stemmed not only from the unbelievable skill of the performers, but their relatability, humanity, and humour; it was highly evident that they all enjoyed bringing us the show, as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.

So what can you do with a couple of lights, a handful of colourful balls, and a simple space? A helluva lot, that’s what.


Words by Anh Ngo.