We LOVE our Fresh Mates and for being one you get stacks of ‘extras’ that you can’t access any other way. Most importantly by being a mate you’re supporting Fresh 92.7 and because of that, we want to make sure you receive LOADS of benefits.

2015 will see our Fresh Mate program get an overhaul and it’s only going to get better so that means you’ll have access to stuff that no one else does with your very own, personalised Fresh Mate card!

♦ Free EXCLUSIVE Fresh 92.7 music downloads EVERY month!

♦ 10% off Fresh 92.7 merch!

♦  Cheap tix to Fresh parties and priority line access!

♦ Monthly discount offers – music, fashion, recreation, food & bev!

♦  Access to ALL Fresh 92.7 competitions!

♦  On air BIRTHDAY shout out!

♦  Entry to Fresh Mate EXCLUSIVE events!

♦  Monthly email to keep you up to date with everything Fresh!

 So, if you’re not already one, now’s the time to jump on board! And if you are, tell your friends how great it is to be a Fresh Mate! Just $30 and all this can be also be theirs. It’s super easy too, just click here.

Thanks for supporting the station and being a mate!

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