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Fresh Air with Dan Tedge / DT  is a multi-award winning radio program that has been the go-to institution for local music for more than a decade in Adelaide. Started back in 2002 to give local musicians, bands, singers, producers, MC and DJs alike a voice or a platform to have their music heard over the Fresh Air-waves.

Fresh Air continues to get bigger and better every year making the transition from a cutting edge radio program to a contemporary interactive show.

It connects to their listeners through social media, live performances and plays only the best local music Adelaide has to offer. A variety of genres from EDM, House, DnB, Trance, Dubstep, Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip Hop, Electro, Chill out and a combination of all the best bits are showcased live every week.

One of the most popular segments of  Fresh Air is the live studio performances and in depth interviews with the Adelaide’s most recognised artists in the music industry. These include:Late Nite Tuff Guy, M4Sonic, Uberjak’d, MC Delta, Jimblah, The Swiss, Luke Million, Lowrider, DJ HMC, Oisima, Flamingo, MC Trails (Funkoars) Vents & K21 with DJ ADFU, The Kid, Shaolin Afronaunts, House Inspectors, Simplex, DJ Madcap,  Lauren Neko, MC Dialect,Rokwell, Full Tote Odds with DJ Snair, MC Koolta, Shane Cross, Steve Hart, Elapsed Time & TiL the Break, DJ Josh, The Transatlantics, Jayne-Anne Power, Dimatik, Matchless Gift & Social Change, Lauren Neko, The Oscillators, MC Kimence, DJ Fiction, Kumuku, Gunda G, Mase n Matic, Splintercell, Dextiron, Adrian V, MC Decoy, Grady G, Narc, Jude Elliot  & Ericson, MC Capper, willTEKNYx, DJ Devious and Evan the Evolve.

Recently Dan Tedge (presenter & DJ of Fresh Air) was honored for the second time by the South Australian Community Broadcasters Association with a prestigious BILBY AWARD for “Best Local Music Program 2012 & 2014.” He was also nominated for National and International Awards in Australian Music and Podcasting. You can download Fresh Air 92.7 podcasts here, or on iTunes and check out the latest via Soundcloud here:

Fresh Air will continue to play new and exclusive local music from Adelaide as well as provide the very best live radio performances by local artist every Monday night. So even if you can’t go out and see amazing  local groups, producers & artist, the Fresh Air team will  transport the vibe to you, through your radio, speakers & headphones. Support great local music and take a deep breath of Fresh Air, Monday 8-10pm.

Please check out the Fresh Air music playlist (below) for artist and track listings, social media links, official music websites and some of the best local video clips going around.

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