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We’re committed to providing the greatest opportunities we can create for Adelaide’s youth and electronic music communities, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we developed the ‘Fresh Mate’ – a way for you to become part of the team and access Fresh 92.7 in a way nobody else can, while supporting us to be the great station we’re striving to be every day. Right now, we need your help.

Fresh 92.7 is on a mission: to hit 5000 Fresh Mates, and to make sure you’re one of them!

Simply playing music costs over $250,000 each year. To break it down, that’s:

  • $115,000 per year to play music,
  • $185,000 per year for running costs such as renting our studios and our transmitter, and,
  • $100,000 per year to run our Contemporary Music Program (including Fresh Air Open House and our Production Courses)

When you become a Fresh Mate, you’re helping us to play the best local, Australian and international electronic music we can find. You’re helping us to buy and maintain the studio gear we need to broadcast that music across across Adelaide. You’re helping us pay the bills and keep the lights on (it’s a bit hard to read your requests in the dark!) You’re helping us to get Ben and Liam out of bed so that they can get you to work, and you’re helping us pull Ryley away from whatever insane trail run he’s on to get you home.

The opportunities we provide for Adelaide’s youth aren’t easy to pull off. Whether it’s training them up to become journalists, producers, announcers, DJs, audio engineers and more, or supporting their musical careers through airplay, and the Contemporary Music Program, we need your help to ensure we can keep providing these opportunities well into the future.

Become a Fresh Mate now!

Fresh 5000 - Become a Fresh Mate

You’ll help us achieve our goals, it costs you bugger all to sign up for the year, AND we’ll make it worth your while.

All Fresh Mates score:

  • An individually numbered Fresh Mate card
  • An on-air birthday shoutout,
  • Access to ALL Fresh 92.7 competitions, and access to super-secret Fresh Mate only competitions,
  • Exclusive invitations to Fresh Mate only events and opportunities
  • Free music downloads,
  • 10% off all Fresh 92.7 Merchandise,
  • And regular emails keeping you across all things Fresh!

How do I become a Fresh Mate?

There are plenty of ways you can sign up as a Fresh Mate:

Or, if you want to sign up your business as a Fresh WorkMate, fill out the form below and we’ll give you a buzz!

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The FRESH 5000 is super important. You becoming a Fresh Mate now will help us be the best radio station we can be well into the future.