You’re probably no stranger to the amazing sounds of local Adelaide trio Flamingo. The boys have been putting out some really choice cuts for the last couple of years and we here at Fresh are massive fans of both their production styles and their live shows. Well, if you’re also a follower then you’re in for a real treat because Flamingo have been busy. They’ve just announced a whistlestop tour around Australia including shows in Melbounre, Sydney and of course their home Adelaide. The tour is called At Sea which is also the name of their latest release. They’ll be hitting up Jive in Adelaide on Saturday Aug 13th (tix available here).

Most recently the boys have been chatting with Yewth Mag about their recent productions, their upcoming album and their stance on something very close to their heart, the refugee crisis.

famingo 1
flamingo 2
flamingo 3

You can check their full interview here. Images courtesy of Yewth Magazine.

They’ve also been posting some cool vids on their studio time which are well worth a squiz. Check out their vids and their new tune below. UPDATE The boys have just dropped a series of awesome remixes just as the icing on the cake! Listen below.


Image courtesy of Flamingo Facebook.