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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Fresh 92.7 Info

What is Fresh?
Fresh 92.7 is an Adelaide based youth and community radio station, committed to presenting the best in international and local music and emerging cultures.

Where can I hear it?
Fresh broadcasts on the frequency 92.7 FM in Adelaide and online at www.fresh927.com.au

What if I’m not in Adelaide?
You can also listen live by streaming from our website. Just click the “listen live” link at the top of this page

How long has Fresh been on air?
You can read about the Fresh 92.7 history here

Contacting Fresh

How do I call the studio?
You can call the studio 24 hours a day on 1300 7 FRESH (1300 73 73 74).

Can I SMS the studio?
Yes. You can SMS us on 199 YOUTH (199 96884) for 55c

No keywords are needed unless you want to find out the name of the song currently playing on air. To do this, simply text the word “SONG” to 199 YOUTH (199 96884) while the song is playing and we will send you a text back with what is currently on air.

All plain text SMS cost 55c – you are not charged for the bounceback that you receive

SMS HELPLINE: if you are having problems using our SMS service please call 1300 661263

How do I contact the Fresh office?
The office is open Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm

Call us on (08) 8232 7927
Fax us on (08) 8224 0922
Email admin@fresh927.com.au

Where is Fresh?
Fresh is located at Shop 3 Cinema Place (just off of Rundle Street) in the city.

Where can I post stuff to?
Fresh 92.7
Shop 3 Cinema Place
Adelaide SA 5000

How can I find out the name of the track that was just played?
You can find the name of the song that is currently on air, plus recently played songs on the Fresh homepage, www.fresh927.com.au, or if you aren’t in front of a computer, you can text “SONG” to 199 YOUTH (199 96884) and we’ll text you straight back with the song that’s currently on air. SMS costs 55c


I’m a local artist, how do I get my tracks on the air?
Our program Fresh Air is dedicated to being a platform for local Adelaide artists, playing solely local and upcoming Australian Artists. If you’re an unsigned artist and you want to get your tracks on air, check out our Air It page here!

I’m a local DJ and would love to have my own show, how can I get on air?
Firstly you need to become a Volunteer at Fresh and then do some training. On-air vacancies are advertised internally, and all volunteers are encouraged to apply

Cultural and Community Events/Campaigns

How do I arrange an interview?
Email interviews@fresh927.com.au. Our interview coordinator will process the request and contact you for further information. Due to the large number of approaches for interviews, it may not be possible to get all interviews to air. We look for interviews that will educate, empower and entertain our core listener group.

Do you do Community Service Announcements (CSA’s)?
Yes, Fresh 92.7 does CSAs. Simply email csa@fresh927.com.au with your request, however we do select CSAs on their relevance to the community and our listener base. More information about CSA’s can be found here.

Fresh Mates (Subscribers) 

What’s a Fresh Mate?
Fresh is proudly community based. We’re a local radio station, made by a passionate team of volunteers. We receive no government support. In order to stay on-air, we rely on our listeners to ‘donate’ to the station by becoming a Fresh Mate. Basically, without our ‘Mates’ there would be no Fresh. Every Mate helps keep Fresh on air.

I’m already a Fresh Mate but want to renew?
No problem- just head into the station to pay the new membership fee.

How do I change my contact details/email etc?
Give us a call (08) 8232 7927 or Email admin@fresh927.com.au with the changes you want made.

Can I become a Fresh Mate online?
Sure, just head over to the Online Store and follow the prompts.

On-Air Promotions

Can I buy airtime with Fresh?
Fresh offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to become a Fresh sponsor, and in return receive a block of allocated airtime to get your information across to our listeners.

Who do I contact?
Contact the sales team at sales@fresh927.com.au or call reception on (08) 8232 7927 to speak with one of our awesome Account Executives.

Volunteer at Fresh 

Can I volunteer at Fresh?
Yes; Fresh is a station that relies on its young volunteers to keep the station up and running, and we are always looking for those who live and breathe Fresh (like we do!). There are many different roles available for those willing to put in their time, whether it be on-air or behind the scenes. For more information, check out the Volunteer Page

Online Store

What if I have had an issue with the Online Store?
Contact the Fresh Office during office hours on (08) 8232 7927 with your question and we will be happy to help you out!

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