Right now at Fresh 92.7, our technology needs a serious update. We’ve been powered by up-and-coming announcers, producers, journalists, sound engineers, designers and more who’ve put in the work and sourced the equipment we’ve needed to get by on the technology front for 20 years now, but, it’s outdated, it’s tired, and there’s not enough of it to go around.

If we don’t address this now, Fresh will crash. as a small business and a not-for-profit, We need your help to LEVEL UP, and put a framework in place that will last for the next 20. To learn more and donate you can check out all the info on our GoFundMe page – every dollar counts!

The exciting part is that your donation won’t just help keep us on air, it will train our people and help us keep helping our entire Fresh community. But you don’t just need to take our word for it, take it from some of our most notable alumni: introducing the Famous Freshies. Have a listen to each of their stories below!

Ben & Liam

Ben & Liam Triple J Breakfast Fame claim: Nationwide breakfast boys hosts on Triple J

Ben & Liam are best known as our former Fresh 92.7 Breakfast hosts, but they didn’t just do that. They did copywriting, they did admin, they did scriptwriting, and even dabbled in weekend and drive. “If you pour a lot of time into it, it’s gonna give you a lot of time back,” they say. Obviously we made some pretty good time exchanges with them – look where they are now. They also reckon Fresh is just one of the best radio stations to listen to in Adelaide anyway, and that’s reason enough to help us to help you.

Ben Erbsland

Ben Erbsland Nova Fame claim: National late nights announcer on Nova

Ben was here at Fresh 92.7 thirteen years ago doing “whatever he could get his hands on.” That meant late nights, mornings, and even drive, and then he landed the breakfast slot every Friday morning. He “fell in love with radio”, and now he does it for a proper job. “Fresh absolutely helped me get there,” he says. Nice, Ben.

Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann

Lehmo Fame claim: The Project, stand-up comedian, more radio gigs than we can even attempt to mention…

Before Lehmo started popping up on screens and speakers everywhere, he was slogging it out on the Fresh 92.7 mid-dawn shift! After slogging it out for months, he and Craig Egan rolled into the Breakfast shift on Fresh 92.7 before he became a regular on The Project and radio shows across the country. He still looks back on those early days at Fresh as being “very very kind” to him, and knows that opportunity put him where he is today.

Sam Mac

Sam Mac Fame claim: Sunrise TV Weatherman

“Adelaide boy through and through” Sam Mac listened to fresh from a young age and eventually managed to get himself into the studio. He credits Fresh with giving him his “first opportunity to learn, and make mistakes,” and now he’s built a whole career on mistakes. “I couldn’t have done that without Fresh,” he says.

Sean Craig Murphy

Sean Craig Murphy Fame claim: “Devastatingly charismatic” guy you may have heard on Triple M, Mix 102.3, SAFM…

Even though he’s an Adelaide radio veteran now, Sean was actually at Fresh 92.7 once, believe it or not. “It was the best couple of years of my radio life,” he says. He also says nothing’s changed since he’s been here, but, especially on the tech front, that’s not necessarily a good thing. He wants to put Fresh back on a level playing field so it can get even better, before it’s too late. Well put Sean, we agree.

Virginia Langeberg

Virginia Langeberg Fame claim: Former local Channel 9 weather, now BBC World News London

Virginia knows you get places in life through hard work, but most importantly someone in your early days “giving you a go.” Fresh 92.7 was that someone for her, letting her read the news bulletin every morning. She also just wants to make sure we hang on to the different sound Fresh 92.7 gives Adelaide, for everyone out there listening too.

Help us continue to produce Adelaide success stories like those above, and Stop Fresh Crashing. Please donate to the Fresh 92.7 Level Up now – everything counts! – and please share and tell your friends about it too!