Fresh Air Open House is proud to present an exclusive session with Kilter.

We’re always looking for new ways to support Adelaide’s electronic music community and to give you the opportunity to meet, chat with and gain valuable advice from people working in the industry. In 2016, we’re doing some big things with Fresh Air Open House. To kick things off, we’ve lined up an exclusive opportunity which you could get in on!

Kilter is playing Cats at Rocket on Friday, January 8, and we’re throwing intimate, invite-only Open House session at Rocket Bar before his gig. He’ll run through his live set-up with you, which includes an EPS, synths microKorg and live drums, and give you a quick demo of how he plays his music on-stage. He’ll chat about his creative process, give you advice on producing and releasing music, and you’ll also have the chance to meet him and ask him anything you’ve ever wanted to know.

(Also, if you score a spot, bring a USB with some tunes on it and see if you can find a way to sneak it into his pocket or something. We didn’t tell you to do that, though.)

Kilter has toured across Australia countless times, and he’s gained national and international airplay from ourselves, Triple J and BBC Radio 1. He’s worked with Rufus, Ben Pearce, Tkay Maidza and heaps more artists. If you’ve got any questions about any aspect of working as an electronic musician in Australia, Kilter probably has an answer.

Places are super-limited, but we’ve got a few invites to give away! To get yourself in the running, text “KILTER”, your name and date of birth to 0428 927 927 before 4pm this Friday. You’ll also get free entry to Cats at Rocket that night to see him perform!

Also, if you’ve been to an Open House before or entered one of our local music promotions such as the Producer’s Series… maybe check your email inbox. 😉

To get you in the mood, here’s a quick video Kilter did with Red Bull in which he talks us through how he produced a remix for Rufus. Imagine this, but way more in-depth and interactive!