Group projects are seriously in this season. Whether it’s Skrillex and Boys Noize working together as Dog Blood; Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire forming Major Lazer; or LDRU and Yahtzel as Carmada – big names are getting on board to form even bigger collaborations. And when Diplo and Skrillex famously came together to form Jack Ü, it clearly made an impression on Porter Robinson and Dillon Francis. Finally, these two heavyweights are ready to announce their own dynamic duo, and they call it…

Spoon Ü!

Okay, so maybe it’s not a completely serious project, but you’ve got to admire their sense of humour. The boys got together for a huge Spoon Ü photo shoot to promote the lineup of Hard Summer Festival, so we have to give props to the organisers for one of the best advertising concepts in recent years. When you take a look at the album, it’s obvious that Mr Robinson and Mr Francis had a great time spoofing their mates Skrillex and Diplo. We just hope Jack Ü share a similar sense of humour!

Sure, this might be a one-off joke, but who knows; maybe it’s a sign of things to come. Perhaps this brilliant ad campaign is just the first step towards another sensational pairing in the world of EDM. We’ll keep you posted on any developments there. Even if it never happens, we will be able to look back at Spoon Ü and smile to ourselves. Well played, Porter Robinson and Dillon Francis. You can check out their full photo shoot HERE.