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Wavelength is when Fresh 92.7 takes a moment to tell the stories of Adelaide. Its people, its events, its culture. Sometimes its serious, and sometimes we talk about manbuns.

Winner of the CBAA Award for Excellence in Spoken Word, News and Current Affairs Programming and the SACBA Award for Best Interview in 2015.

Listen to Wavelength live every Monday night from 6pm. Relive the stories here after they've aired!

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Wavelength: SALA Festival

Monday, August 7 2017 You guys know that here at Fresh we love music, but we have a soft spot for all of Adelaide's festivals too. So we’re very excited that this month is the beginning of the SALA...
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Famous Freshies: Where Are They Now?

Right now at Fresh 92.7, our technology needs a serious update. We've been powered by up-and-coming announcers, producers, journalists, sound engineers, designers and more who’ve put in the work and sourced...
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Wavelength: Miss Universe Australia

Monday, July 24 2017 Recently, our very own South Australian Olivia Rogers was crowned Miss Universe Australia! The 25-year-old beauty, who works as a speech pathologist, spoke to Fresh's Shannon about the...

Wavelength: AVCon

Monday, July 24 2017 AVCon has just wrapped up over the weekend, with thousands at the Adelaide Convention Centre to attend the annual anime and video games festival. Run by Team AVCon Inc, it began in...

Wavelength: Have you experienced the paranormal?

Monday, July 17 2017 Our society seems to be obsessed with the paranormal. Lately, there seems to be a surge of supernatural books, movies and TV shows gracing our screens...but why are we so fascinated by...
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Wavelength: Deadly Choices

Monday 10th July, 2017 After it's success in South East Queensland, Deadly Choices is being introduced right here in South Australia. The program aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

Wavelength: Umbrella Winter City Sounds

Monday, 3rd July 2017 While most people will admit to hitting hibernation during the winter months, there's finally something that will make you want to get out of bed! Umbrella Winter City Sounds offers...
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Wavelength 26/6: Behind The Scenes & 100th episode!

It's our 100th Wavelength episode, a huge milestone for us here at Fresh! Tonight, we chat to Executive Producers Zane Dean and Karyn Bloxham, as well as General Manager Troy Sincock, about Wavelength's...

Wavelength: All things dodgeball!

Monday, June 19 2017 Be honest - when you watched the movie Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, you might've had a passing thought about what it would be like to play the sport competitively. Or...
Adelaide Street Safety Credit Daniel Pipe

Wavelength: Are Adelaide’s streets safe at night?

Monday, June 19 2017 When you walk the streets of Adelaide at night, do you get that eerie feeling? Do you feel uneasy, anxious, unsafe? Is this the case in crowded areas, or just when you're walking on...