You might know Ryley Smithson as “That Bearded Guy”, “That Dude Who Looks Like Jesus” or “The Dude Who Looked Like the Guy on the Crime-Stoppers Poster.” Whatever name you identify him with, Ryley has always been a huge part of Fresh 92.7, and when Ben and Liam didn't manage to get Joel Turner on as a Drive host, they turned to the next best option.

Drive is our brand new drive-time show - hence the name. But, Drive won't be like any other drive show we've done on Fresh 92.7 - nor has any other station tried anything like this. It's three hours of non-stop music, hosted - and mixed - by Ryley.

Yup, Ryley's throwing down a three hour DJ set every weekday. The bearded legend is gonna mix up loads of tunes to pick you up as you're driving home. Like, way more tunes than we usually play - and we play a lot more music in an hour than most other Adelaide stations. Throw in a little bit of banter, the occasional guest and some info on where the traffic is being an arse, and that's all Drive is. Brand spanking new bangers, classics, bootlegs, remixes, rarities and the odd glockenspiel - all mixed up every single weekday.

We know that when you guys are driving home, you're constantly flicking between stations. We're okay with that. We don't get jealous. Drive is a show which will always be here for you. So, when Maddy from Morphett Vale isn't making you laugh with the story of that time she left her purse in a restaurant, Ryley will be waiting with open arms and absolute fire tunes.

We’ll be available on phone, text, Facebook and Snapchat, and we want real time contributions from you playing a part in the show. We'll put you on the radio if you say something funny, and occasionally we'll give you some cool stuff for listening and playing a part. It’s the least we can do!

Drive runs 3pm until 6pm every weekday on Fresh 92.7.

Catch it on air or digitally in Adelaide, by streaming online or by downloading our free App from iTunes or Google Play.


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