Baby Driver has just landed in Australian cinemas, and the hype is worth every bit. A mixture of mph and music, the film is one huge, perfectly choreographed, action-thriller-cross-music-video for the history books. Cam & Alex chatted to Baby himself, Ansel Elgort about all the ins and outs of making such a high-octane film, on brekkie.

Maybe the most amazing part, was that this one was made without green screens. “You can’t fake it,” says Ansel, “It’s smoke and mirrors but its not green screen… even if the car is doing crazy things, they are all things these cars can actually do.”

So then a getaway driver needs a mechanically capable getaway car, right? Ansel was lucky enough to get his hands on the “magic” red Subaru WRX used in the film that he describes as being practically “built for baby.”

Amongst trying on 50 jackets just to stitch two together, and building up a collection of sunglasses because “What do people have in their cars? They have their sunglasses,” a lot of movie magic has gone into this one. Take a listen to the interview below.

Baby Driver – all you need is one killer track.
In cinemas now.