DJ’s are everywhere. You probably know one. Hell, you probably know more than one. But for a second, ask yourself about that “DJ” that you know. They’re probably playing to an audience of “thousands” (read: no one) in a massive “arena” (read: bedroom). Now ask yourself about whether you really want them providing all the vibes for that upcoming event you’re planning.

Everyone is different, so if you want sufficient party vibes personalised for your event, we suggest investing a little bit of coin in Fresh 92.7’s Book A DJ service. You can request your favourite Fresh 92.7 DJ or you can trust us to match your party / corporate function / wedding / awards night / venue residence (and the list is endless!) to one of our super experienced, versatile, and talented DJs.

At Fresh 92.7, we spend every hour of the day and night playing the type of tunes your party needs. But even if you’re looking to be a bit broader musically, we’ve still got you covered. We might play electronic music on the radio station, but that doesn’t mean our DJs are short on musical range. So if anyone’s the expert in picking a DJ for your event, it’s us.

If you want a particular genre then we’ll have someone who can bring the proverbial noise, and gear isn’t a worry.

Book A DJ isn’t just DJ’s though. Not everyone needs tunes, so if your event needs someone to stand up, say some words, and generally keep people happy, we’ll happily supply someone to do just that. It might even your fave on-air host…!

So there you go, that’s our Book A DJ service in a nutshell. Everything to make sure your party is pretty awesome.  

Put the details of your event below and we’ll be in contact within three business days.

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Please note that whilst we make every effort to fulfill each enquiry, please attempt to provide a minimum of 14 days’ notice for any booking to ensure adequate response time, and DJ and equipment availability.